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How Sheldon Lavin Ended up Becoming the CEO of the OSI Group

Leadership in every organization is everything. The senior leaders of the foundation determine the direction on which the company takes. There is need to be careful on who is appointed in such seats. The OSI Group, best understands the impact of leadership. Through their Chief Executive Officer: Lavin, they have been able to reach greater heights. Sheldon Lavin has led to the purchase of Flagship Europe and Baho Food, which has increased the leverage of the firm.

Sheldon Lavin is a self-driven individual. He lets nothing come between him and his goals. After school, he wanted to create a series of companies which would facilitate food distribution. He knew that many firms needed financial support to expand, which he was ready to offer. To achieve his dream, he had to become a financial consultant.

It was during his time in the Consultant Firm that he came along the Otto & Sons. They needed finance to expand. He believed their strategy would work and he went ahead and processed their request. Sheldon was involved more in the business when the firm was looking for opportunities in abroad. With the retirement of their father, the sons nominated him as a partner. After a short time, Sheldon realized the firm had a great vision and decided to join Otto & Sons on a full-time basis. He is glad that his assumptions were right, and the Otto & Sons is now a prestigious firm in the nation.

Everyone experiences moments of self-doubt. It is how you face your fears that determines whether you come out a winner or not. Sheldon Lavin had these moments as well. He says that at the beginning, he was not sure his abilities were up for the tasks he was about to undertake. He says that it is normal to be afraid when you are doing something for the first time. Fortunately, within a year in business, he was reaping benefits. The early success he experienced gave him the confidence to keep pressing on to accomplish his goals.

Sheldon Lavin has cultivated a culture of togetherness in the firm. He says that although innovation has always been in his DNA, the OSI Group has nurtured it a great deal. He says that his door is always open for anyone with valuable ideas. He also says that at OSI, they are one big happy family. They are concerned with their employees as well as their families at home. This has no doubt created a conducive working environment.

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OSI Industries Continues to Grow Its Presence In Europe:

According to Forbes, OSI Industries ranks as the 58th largest American private company. The company is also ranked as one of the top 100 American food businesses. OSI is also a highly decorated company that has won numerous awards for excellence over the years. The most recent major prize the company claimed was the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council.

The global food processor supplies products such as processed meats, fish, pizza and vegetable items to major foodservice chains. OSI Industries is headed up by a highly successful and experienced team of executives that include Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin, President David McDonald and Chief Financial Officer Sherry DeMeulenaere. The executive leadership at OSI Industries has been pushing an aggressive and highly successful campaign of expansion over the last few years in the European market. These acquisitions include upgrades to facilities and the addition of several amazing companies to the OSI Industries family.

The 2016 acquisitions of Dutch food company Baho Food and British food company Flagship Europe made headlines for OSI Industries recently. These acquisitions are part of a ramped-up effort that outfit has been making in recent years in the European market. Both companies fit nicely into the OSI formula and add great value to the brand. Baho has a huge reach across continental Europe while Flagship Europe is a key acquisition in OSI’s British business dealings. The company also recently announced that the name Creative Foods Europe will replace Flagship as the company’s name.

Other major OSI headline from the 2016 European campaign include upgrading the facility located in Toledo, Spain. Due to increased demand, it was necessary for OSI to massively increase chicken production at the plant and so upgrades to the production line had to be made. The results have been great as production has recently doubled with the improvement.

The British Safety Council naming OSI as its 2016 recipient of the Globe of Honour was in many ways the capstone to OSI’s banner year in the European market. The award recognizes that OSI is committed to maintaining its operations to the highest of environmental standards. OSI is a 5-Star rated organization under the British Safety Council’s rating system. It was part of an award-winning year in general for OSI. CEO Sheldon Lavin also won the World Visionary Award from the Vision World Academy of India in 2016.

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The OSI Group’s Past And Future

OSI, a name that you may not be familiar with, but has affected the food service industry significantly since its birth in 1907. Being the sole supplier of one of the largest names in fast food can certainly earn some influence in that specific industry, and grant a company many opportunities to branch it’s influence outwards. In 1907, Otto Kolschowsky never knew that his small meat market would blossom into a multi-million dollar company. An immigrant newly arrived from Germany, Kolschowsky immediately set about supporting his family with a small market, taking the name Otto and Sons for the upstart company. The small company quickly made a name for itself by supplying top quality meat products at an affordable price.

Otto and Son’s attracted the attention of a small burger chain owned by a pair of brothers by the name of McDonald. Otto and Son’s accepted the contract of supplying the restaurant with beef, and this decision would prove to be the making of the company. The implementation of cryo freezing food to ensure longevity in the 60s led to an explosion of growth amongst fast food, and McDonalds was at the forefront. Otto and Son’s was fortunate to remain with McDonalds, as all but 4 of their original beef providers were dropped. In 1975, Otto and Son’s officially changed its name to OSI Industries, later changing it to the OSI Group as it began to assimilate other food service or foodstuff production companies around the world.

One of OSI’s latest acquisitions has been the dutch manufacturing company known as Baho Foods. The company is well known for its production of convenience snacks, such as chips and pretzels. With the acquisition of the dutch company, the american based company continues to expand into Europe, strengthening the influence it already has across the globe. Looking more locally, OSI also acquired a new production facility. The old Tyson Food plant, located in Chicago, measures at 200,000 square feet of production floor, which will surely allow OSI to expand its american production capabilities, while growing its international production along with it.

This even growth will allow the company to great expand in size further solidifying its place in the country as a significant company.OSI’s modern day success, tied with its humble beginning paint a picture of a company of incredible ability, and a company that should certainly be watched in the coming years.

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Shafik Sachedina: Dental Surgeon, Volunteer And Philanthropist

Born in 1950 in Dar Esalaam Tanzania, Shafik Sachedina was destined to attend the best schools in the world. With the encouragement of his parents, he emigrated to the United Kingdom in his teens, and after his graduation from high school, he began studies in Dentistry at the University of London Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. Acquiring his Medical Degree in 1975, Sachedina received his dental training at London Dental School at University of Kings College.

With skills in Dentistry, Oral and Dental Surgery, Shafik Sachedina began his career providing care to the disabled and aging community by starting Sussex Healthcare in Sussex in 1998. Earning a reputation as a top dental surgeon as Joint Chairman at Sussex Healthcare his services expanded to many hospitals throughout the United Kingdom.

Aside from his duties as a dental surgeon, Shafik Sachedina, with interest in small businesses in the healthcare field, also serves as a volunteer in several community activities. Among his activities includes working with Institute of Ismaili Studies. This institution, dedicated to the promotion and study of Islamic culture, raises awareness through publications and has one of the most extensive libraries on the Muslim religion. Sachedina serves many roles at the Institute of Ismaili Studies including sitting on the Board of Governors and Head of the Department at the institution. The Ismaili Institute has more than sixteen branches worldwide.

Shafik Sachedina, dedicated to the Muslim community in the United Kingdom, is a well-known philanthropist who serves with Ismaili Institute pioneer, Aga Khan Development Network as a committee member and chairman of the Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committees. He also volunteers as President of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom and in 2017, Sachedina, along with presidential representatives and Deputy Foreign ministers from the Middle East and Mikhail Bogdanov of Africa, spoke on Middle Eastern issues regarding Afghanistan and Syria.

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Kamil Idris Draws Comparisons Between Globalization and Failing IP Laws

Globalization does a lot of good in the world. It encourages development and innovation, but globalization has also brought one major problem with it: intellectual property controversy.

Dr. Kamil Idris is a former director general for World Intellectual Property Organization, which is located in Geneva. He discussed the topic of globalization in great detail in a recent interview. Idris explained that things such as piracy and counterfeiting are major concerns for intellectual property laws.

There are things to be done about this issue. Upon closer examination, the biggest pitfall of Intellectual Property Laws is the patent application process. Developed countries have issues keeping up with the paper work behind patent applications, so it is easy to imagine the long process behind applying for a patent in less privileged countries. Hiring more employees to handle this backlog of patent applications is an excellent beginning.

Another issue is the lack of training. Progress has already been made towards training new individuals about intellectual property laws.

Dr. Idris also told companies that operate in multi-countries that having a sound IP-focused business strategy is necessary. Companies that do not enforce their intellectual property will be telling the entire world that they do not try to stop counterfeiting. The enforcement of IP laws is needed for a company that wants to maximize the value of their intellectual property.

Learning about international IP laws is also important for any company leader. The WIPO Copyright Treaty is the main peace of legislation regarding copyright and intellectual property. It was created in 1887, and it states that any country that wishes to register under these set of rules must respect the intellectual property of other countries. This document also states that the protection of intellectual property begins before registration, not after.

Over the years, there has also been additional copyright laws all across the globe that are worth investigating.


NGP VAN Streamlines Walk List Process

NGP VAN is an extremely proficient and user-friendly software program utilized by Democratic political campaigns to simplify and streamline the walk list process and provide resources and tools to make the canvassing process easier. NGP VAN provides cutting edge software that reduces the time needed within the canvassing process. The canvassing technology has advanced and allows individuals to customize their efforts of providing strategic walk list and also the creation of structured routes so canvassing volunteers can accurately and efficiently perform their door to door outreach campaigns. Canvassing staff has always had to put in long hours preparing walk list and maps in order to accomplish their outreaches and after the process is complete they must labor additional hours consolidating information gathered during the campaign.

The NGP VAN software provides the tools and resources to actually prepare the walk list and create opportunities to be efficient and accurate on the routes. Also, the software package can provide accurate reporting tools that can be useful when it’s time to analyze the data obtained from the door-to-door campaigns. NGP VAN continues to troubleshoot their software platforms to make them user-friendly and effective for campaigns and gives canvassers opportunities to be successful in their activities. Data can be collected and stored in the software at NGP VAN, so canvassers are powered with relevant real-time data on their target voters to make their sales pitch very effective. NGP VAN is especially used in the Democratic Party but can be used as a tool for members from all political spectrums.

NGP VAN is eliminating countless hours in the canvassing process and allowing an opportunity for campaigns to run with the effectiveness and sophisticated analytical approach that can only be accomplished with the resources within this software package. The NGP VAN MiniVAN application has been utilized to increase the efficiency of the preparation process for canvassers by providing high-level talking points that allow the process to flow smoothly and efficiently by providing voter contact information and pre-designed maps that allow canvassers to be extremely effective. NGP VAN, DC based, streamlines the walk list process and gives canvassers the tools needed to create a successful campaign for Democratic candidates.

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A Slice Of Samoa’s History And Airport

Samoa Airways is a state-owned airlines company in Samoa. Some of their flights go from Fagali’I Airport in Samoa to Pago Pago in American Samoa. They also operate a number of domestic flights. Starting in July 2017, Talofa Airways is also using Fagali’I Airport. Their flights, which are on each Monday and Friday, fly to Tongatapu, Tonga.

There are nine islands which make up Samoa. Fagali’I Airport is on the biggest island which is Upolu. It is situated next to Apia which is the biggest city on Upolu and the nation’s capital. The people who make the most use of Fagali’I Airport are tourists and people visiting from the other islands that make up the Samoan Archipilageo.


There are 80 hotels in Apia. Some of them are surprisingly inexpensive, such as Lynn’s Getaway which costs just $39 a night. The highest end hotel is Taumeasina Island Resort which charges $335 a night. If a tourist wants to stay at a historic hotel they should select the Aggie Grey’s hotel. This was founded by its namesake in 1933 and was held by her descendants until 2017 when they sold it to a group of Asian investors. This hotel is $160 a night and includes free golfing at the Royal Samoa Golf Course, right next door to Fagali’I Airport.

Samoa has a rich history stretching back 4,000 years according to Starting in the 1800s they were occupied by first the Germans and then Americans, the British, and New Zealand. It was declared an independent country in 1962. Fagali’I Airport was established before independence. For decades its airstrip was just grass but this was paved over to improve safety in the 2000s. It is a short runway so only small planes seating up to 30 people can land here.

There is plenty of beautiful things to see in Samoa. There are mountains, white beaches, waterfalls, lava fields, blowholes, and other natural attractions. All of the food in Samoa is either grown or caught locally. The soil is very rich as it is volcanic soil according to People here eat fresh-caught fish and raise pigs as well, plus there are many tropical fruits.


Jason Hope and His Contributions To Anti Aging Research

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur, futurist and most importantly, a philanthropist who began his early life in Tempe. He attended Arizona State University where he studied and bagged a degree in Finance. He furthered his studies to get an MBA in business administration at the WP Carey School Of Business, Arizona. He is currently based in Scottsdale.

In 2010, Jason Hope shows his support to SENS ( Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Foundation which focused on a new field of medicine called rejuvenation biotechnologies.

SENS foundation is a non-profit organization that is headed by British biogentologist, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, who has become a leading voice in the anti-aging field. The SENS foundation is established through the support of private individuals, researchers and scientists, as well as prominent philanthropist.

Jason Hope is one of the biggest contributor to the SENS foundation. He initially donated 500,000$ to fund their new laboratory in Cambridge, England and has since then, continued to donate to the foundation. His donations to which were targeted to the anti-aging research, has amounted to over $1 million.

Jason Hope is keen about the anti-aging research as He hopes if successful, it will help cure age-related sicknesses such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s and many other types of cancer. Our current medical system treats these diseases after they happen. But with the anti-aging research, they are hoping to be able to stop these diseases from ever happening. So instead of focusing on treating these diseases when they occur, they are choosing to focus on ensuring they do not occur at all.

Jason Hope’s philanthropy attitude is not just only towards anti-aging research, but also extends to other medical and educational individuals or bodies who has innovative ideas but lack fund to execute them. Some organizations within Arizona and have already benefitted from his philanthropist gesture.

Students who are presently in school(high school or University), with great ideas revolving around modern technology can easily request grants from Hope upon completion of a short form on his website. The students who have great ideas receive donations ranging between $500 to $5000 from him to help their cause.

Jason Hope is a successful tech businessman and philanthropist. He has made himself even available to help people become philanthropist. Most people who look up to emulate his caregiving attitude can contact him for tips on how to be a great philanthropist.

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Dr. Saad’s Success as a Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired doctor of pediatric surgery. His last position was at Hackensack, NJ’s Meridian Health as the Surgeon-in-chief and the Co-Medical Director of the K. Hovnanian Children Hospital. He worked for 40 years in the United States as a pediatric doctor. Dr. Saad Saad birth place was Palestine and he was reared in Kuwait. He obtained his formal medical education at the University of Cairo. He graduated with honors, was highly ranked in his class.


Dr. Saad Saad trained with esteemed Dr. H Biemann Othersen as an intern in Charleston, South Carolina. From Dr. Othersen, Saad learned to be “kind, honest, hard-working, and to treat every child, no matter what his background or family circumstances the same.


Dr. Saad went to high school in Kuwait in the mid-1960’s. It was there that he chose his career path. He had two older brothers who worked outside in the 110 degree weather and he decided he’d rather be inside in the air conditioning. He wanted to be sure he’d be in the air conditioned room at all times, so he chose not just to be a doctor, but to be a surgeon in an operating room that’s always air conditioned.


Dr. Saad has taken his 40 years of experience and education and turned them into two patented inventions and the development of pediatric surgical techniques. In that time, he has performed thousands of surgeries on infants and teens. He has also donated his time and skill to perform eight missions to Jerusalem where he completed complex surgeries on poor children.


Dr. Saad believes only God knows the future, yet he continues believing in God’s use of medicine particularly surgery to all people. Other things that motivate Dr. Saad are genetics, research and organization. He’s excited about the use of genetics to treat cancer and other diseases. Dr. Saad can see how research lights the path for medicine’s future.


His personal technique for success is to get organized and to always be thoroughly prepared for each operation. Consistently, he would take the same steps before each procedure:

1) Review the patient’s medical record

2) Know the type of surgery to be performed.

3) Review the surgical procedure step by step from beginning to end; referring to the most recent pediatric surgical textbook if needed.


When asked what steps were most effective for him during his time as a surgeon? He answered that he always kept his operating room quiet, no loud music and no talking about personal matters. To prepare for the surgery, he always got a good night’s sleep and ate a good breakfast.


The most profound advice he has for others is if a poor Palestinian could become a successful pediatric surgeon in the U.S., anyone can with hard work and perseverance. Learn more:


Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews to Educate Potential Patients

Those who are considering having Dr Jennifer Walden complete some kind of work on their body should learn from others who have worked with her and from any reviews that they can find. It is important for a person to know that this woman is a successful plastic surgeon and that she knows what she is doing. It is important for any client who is considering having this doctor as their own to know that she cares about every one of her patients and that she attempts to better the lives of those individuals each time that she works on their body.

Dr Jennifer Walden is more than just a plastic surgeon, as she is a media commentator who shares the knowledge that she has with others. She is able to comment on all kinds of news regarding plastic surgery as she has first hand experiences related to that topic.

It is important for a patient to know how they are going to look when the plastic surgery work is completed on their body, and Dr Jennifer Walden is a doctor who can help her patients get a clear picture of how they will look after surgery. This doctor uses Vectra, a special kind of technology that can show a patient how a surgery will change their appearance. The 3-D imaging that is used in this technology helps those patients who are considering having work done see the truth of how they will look after that work has been completed.

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