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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Powerful Doctor And Mother

Dr. Jennifer Walden is based in Texas but known throughout the nation for the work that she does. She is an aesthetic plastic surgeon who is known for her skill, her advice, and her overall expertise. She is one of just a few women who are board-certified to work as plastic surgeons in the state of Texas. She completes work on the face and nose, breast and entire body, through her fully accredited surgery and laser center. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who pays attention to a person’s race and culture as she works on their body.Dr. Jennifer Walden works with her staff to treat every patient who comes to them in a nonjudging way. She and her staff of 16 women are compassionate and supportive when they are dealing with each of the patients who come to them for help. Dr. Jennifer Walden was happy to create a staff of all women when she was starting up her practice.

Working as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden has learned to juggle both her career and her life as a mother. She is a single mother of two boys, and she feels that those boys are blessings. She shows the world that it is possible for a woman to be a businesswoman and a mother at the same time.The strong commitment to technology that Dr. Jennifer Walden has allowed her to grow her business and to bring in new patients. She is also a spokesperson who is well-known and she is someone who is involved in her community. She is a part of the Guardian Angel Society, and she also sponsors the Forest Trails Elementary School.Dr. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in the city of Austin, and she chose to stay there because her family is there and because she wants to have the chance to appreciate all that the city offers.