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A Slice Of Samoa’s History And Airport

Samoa Airways is a state-owned airlines company in Samoa. Some of their flights go from Fagali’I Airport in Samoa to Pago Pago in American Samoa. They also operate a number of domestic flights. Starting in July 2017, Talofa Airways is also using Fagali’I Airport. Their flights, which are on each Monday and Friday, fly to Tongatapu, Tonga.

There are nine islands which make up Samoa. Fagali’I Airport is on the biggest island which is Upolu. It is situated next to Apia which is the biggest city on Upolu and the nation’s capital. The people who make the most use of Fagali’I Airport are tourists and people visiting from the other islands that make up the Samoan Archipilageo.


There are 80 hotels in Apia. Some of them are surprisingly inexpensive, such as Lynn’s Getaway which costs just $39 a night. The highest end hotel is Taumeasina Island Resort which charges $335 a night. If a tourist wants to stay at a historic hotel they should select the Aggie Grey’s hotel. This was founded by its namesake in 1933 and was held by her descendants until 2017 when they sold it to a group of Asian investors. This hotel is $160 a night and includes free golfing at the Royal Samoa Golf Course, right next door to Fagali’I Airport.

Samoa has a rich history stretching back 4,000 years according to Starting in the 1800s they were occupied by first the Germans and then Americans, the British, and New Zealand. It was declared an independent country in 1962. Fagali’I Airport was established before independence. For decades its airstrip was just grass but this was paved over to improve safety in the 2000s. It is a short runway so only small planes seating up to 30 people can land here.

There is plenty of beautiful things to see in Samoa. There are mountains, white beaches, waterfalls, lava fields, blowholes, and other natural attractions. All of the food in Samoa is either grown or caught locally. The soil is very rich as it is volcanic soil according to People here eat fresh-caught fish and raise pigs as well, plus there are many tropical fruits.