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NGP VAN Streamlines Walk List Process

NGP VAN is an extremely proficient and user-friendly software program utilized by Democratic political campaigns to simplify and streamline the walk list process and provide resources and tools to make the canvassing process easier. NGP VAN provides cutting edge software that reduces the time needed within the canvassing process. The canvassing technology has advanced and allows individuals to customize their efforts of providing strategic walk list and also the creation of structured routes so canvassing volunteers can accurately and efficiently perform their door to door outreach campaigns. Canvassing staff has always had to put in long hours preparing walk list and maps in order to accomplish their outreaches and after the process is complete they must labor additional hours consolidating information gathered during the campaign.

The NGP VAN software provides the tools and resources to actually prepare the walk list and create opportunities to be efficient and accurate on the routes. Also, the software package can provide accurate reporting tools that can be useful when it’s time to analyze the data obtained from the door-to-door campaigns. NGP VAN continues to troubleshoot their software platforms to make them user-friendly and effective for campaigns and gives canvassers opportunities to be successful in their activities. Data can be collected and stored in the software at NGP VAN, so canvassers are powered with relevant real-time data on their target voters to make their sales pitch very effective. NGP VAN is especially used in the Democratic Party but can be used as a tool for members from all political spectrums.

NGP VAN is eliminating countless hours in the canvassing process and allowing an opportunity for campaigns to run with the effectiveness and sophisticated analytical approach that can only be accomplished with the resources within this software package. The NGP VAN MiniVAN application has been utilized to increase the efficiency of the preparation process for canvassers by providing high-level talking points that allow the process to flow smoothly and efficiently by providing voter contact information and pre-designed maps that allow canvassers to be extremely effective. NGP VAN, DC based, streamlines the walk list process and gives canvassers the tools needed to create a successful campaign for Democratic candidates.

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