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Kamil Idris Draws Comparisons Between Globalization and Failing IP Laws

Globalization does a lot of good in the world. It encourages development and innovation, but globalization has also brought one major problem with it: intellectual property controversy.

Dr. Kamil Idris is a former director general for World Intellectual Property Organization, which is located in Geneva. He discussed the topic of globalization in great detail in a recent interview. Idris explained that things such as piracy and counterfeiting are major concerns for intellectual property laws.

There are things to be done about this issue. Upon closer examination, the biggest pitfall of Intellectual Property Laws is the patent application process. Developed countries have issues keeping up with the paper work behind patent applications, so it is easy to imagine the long process behind applying for a patent in less privileged countries. Hiring more employees to handle this backlog of patent applications is an excellent beginning.

Another issue is the lack of training. Progress has already been made towards training new individuals about intellectual property laws.

Dr. Idris also told companies that operate in multi-countries that having a sound IP-focused business strategy is necessary. Companies that do not enforce their intellectual property will be telling the entire world that they do not try to stop counterfeiting. The enforcement of IP laws is needed for a company that wants to maximize the value of their intellectual property.

Learning about international IP laws is also important for any company leader. The WIPO Copyright Treaty is the main peace of legislation regarding copyright and intellectual property. It was created in 1887, and it states that any country that wishes to register under these set of rules must respect the intellectual property of other countries. This document also states that the protection of intellectual property begins before registration, not after.

Over the years, there has also been additional copyright laws all across the globe that are worth investigating.