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NGP VAN Streamlines Walk List Process

NGP VAN is an extremely proficient and user-friendly software program utilized by Democratic political campaigns to simplify and streamline the walk list process and provide resources and tools to make the canvassing process easier. NGP VAN provides cutting edge software that reduces the time needed within the canvassing process. The canvassing technology has advanced and allows individuals to customize their efforts of providing strategic walk list and also the creation of structured routes so canvassing volunteers can accurately and efficiently perform their door to door outreach campaigns. Canvassing staff has always had to put in long hours preparing walk list and maps in order to accomplish their outreaches and after the process is complete they must labor additional hours consolidating information gathered during the campaign.

The NGP VAN software provides the tools and resources to actually prepare the walk list and create opportunities to be efficient and accurate on the routes. Also, the software package can provide accurate reporting tools that can be useful when it’s time to analyze the data obtained from the door-to-door campaigns. NGP VAN continues to troubleshoot their software platforms to make them user-friendly and effective for campaigns and gives canvassers opportunities to be successful in their activities. Data can be collected and stored in the software at NGP VAN, so canvassers are powered with relevant real-time data on their target voters to make their sales pitch very effective. NGP VAN is especially used in the Democratic Party but can be used as a tool for members from all political spectrums.

NGP VAN is eliminating countless hours in the canvassing process and allowing an opportunity for campaigns to run with the effectiveness and sophisticated analytical approach that can only be accomplished with the resources within this software package. The NGP VAN MiniVAN application has been utilized to increase the efficiency of the preparation process for canvassers by providing high-level talking points that allow the process to flow smoothly and efficiently by providing voter contact information and pre-designed maps that allow canvassers to be extremely effective. NGP VAN, DC based, streamlines the walk list process and gives canvassers the tools needed to create a successful campaign for Democratic candidates.

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George Soros Is Fighting The GOP And Is Winning

In this world that is full of turmoil, since politicians can’t seem to do anything, there are those who carry themselves with clout and influence and attempt to change what seems to be unchangeable. These movers and shakers are well known among casual voters. George Soros is a great example of an influencer who is changing the world in ways we thought were impossible.

George Soros cannot remember a day that he did not identify with the philosophy of the liberal democracy. This ideology was embedded into him during his days as a rail porter and a waiter in the city of London. He put himself through the London School of Economics and there learned the beauty of capitalism. Years later, he put these lessons to good use and grew hedge fund which earned him $25.2 billion. According to, he would use this money to do much good.

30 years ago, George Soros put up $11 billion to start the Open Society Foundations. The mission of Open Society Foundations is to create democracies that span the globe and help transition governments who want to adopt a voter policy. They have given over $300 billion to these upstart democracies in order to help the free market gain a jumpstart. Last year, in 2017, George Soros gave an additional $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. While he does still have a good bit of money in his bank account, this was no chump change and took 75% of his net worth.

George Soros has also used the Open Society Foundations to help the American public become more aware of the good and the moral policies of Democratic Party. In 2004 he realized that the American people were upset that they were fighting a needless war on two fronts and that President George W. Bush was weak in the polls. George Soros thought that he would put a Democrat in the office and heavily backed John Kerry. John Kerry was the proud recipient of the record-breaking $27 million donation from George Soros. While this was not enough to win the election, it did sway enough people so that in 2008 a very different result would occur.

2008 was the year that Barack Obama broke on the scenes. He had a meteoric rise where he came up through the Democratic primary, beat Hillary Clinton for nomination, and then defeated John McCain to gain the presidency. After eight years of liberal policy being enacted in America, people such as George Soros were left very happy.

George Soros was looking to ride this wave of good fortune, and in 2016 he put his financial muscle behind Hillary Clinton. At this time, the Democratic national party was nearly bankrupt. George Soros gave them $25 million to get out of debt and help Hillary Clinton win. While she did not win, it does seem that all the people are fed up with the GOP and in 2020 may get a clean sweep.

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Russian Officials Are Restricting the Charitable Work of George Soros


Books about military history, humanitarian education and religious tolerance were burned by university librarians in northern Russia in early January, and the reason for this incineration may be linked to George Soros.

The book burning was conducted in the Komi Republic of Russia, specifically at an institute of higher learning. According to a news report published by the Telegraph in the United Kingdom, the books were published with funds donated by the Open Society Foundations, a network of charities founded by Soros decades ago.

A librarian who was interviewed by a local news outlet in the Komi Republic explained that the books were taken off the shelves and erased from the library catalog before their incineration in the courtyard. More than 50 books were burned, but hundreds of other books have also been removed from libraries for the purpose of shredding them later.

Although it may seem unusual for librarians to conduct a book burning, news reports about the incident explain that they may have been acting on orders from a federal envoy who responds to the Kremlin. Last year, the work of the Open Society Foundations was declared undesirable to Russian values.

Soros founded the Open Society Foundations for the purpose of organizing his political activism, which advocates personal freedom, access to education, civil rights, and democracy. In the 1980s, Soros took an interest in the Eastern Bloc region and its transition to democracy; to that effect, he donated Xerox equipment so that people could copy and distribute books and pamphlets that had been previously banned.

In mid-2015, news reports from northern Russia indicated that a couple of books by British historians were banned due to their views on the political zeitgeist of World War II. These books were confirmed to have been donated by Soros’ foundation.

Officials from the federal Ministry of Culture are investigating the book burning incident. They have not denied that the Open Society Foundations have been restricted by the Kremlin, but they think that torching books is not an act conducive to Russian values.