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Dr. Saad’s Success as a Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired doctor of pediatric surgery. His last position was at Hackensack, NJ’s Meridian Health as the Surgeon-in-chief and the Co-Medical Director of the K. Hovnanian Children Hospital. He worked for 40 years in the United States as a pediatric doctor. Dr. Saad Saad birth place was Palestine and he was reared in Kuwait. He obtained his formal medical education at the University of Cairo. He graduated with honors, was highly ranked in his class.


Dr. Saad Saad trained with esteemed Dr. H Biemann Othersen as an intern in Charleston, South Carolina. From Dr. Othersen, Saad learned to be “kind, honest, hard-working, and to treat every child, no matter what his background or family circumstances the same.


Dr. Saad went to high school in Kuwait in the mid-1960’s. It was there that he chose his career path. He had two older brothers who worked outside in the 110 degree weather and he decided he’d rather be inside in the air conditioning. He wanted to be sure he’d be in the air conditioned room at all times, so he chose not just to be a doctor, but to be a surgeon in an operating room that’s always air conditioned.


Dr. Saad has taken his 40 years of experience and education and turned them into two patented inventions and the development of pediatric surgical techniques. In that time, he has performed thousands of surgeries on infants and teens. He has also donated his time and skill to perform eight missions to Jerusalem where he completed complex surgeries on poor children.


Dr. Saad believes only God knows the future, yet he continues believing in God’s use of medicine particularly surgery to all people. Other things that motivate Dr. Saad are genetics, research and organization. He’s excited about the use of genetics to treat cancer and other diseases. Dr. Saad can see how research lights the path for medicine’s future.


His personal technique for success is to get organized and to always be thoroughly prepared for each operation. Consistently, he would take the same steps before each procedure:

1) Review the patient’s medical record

2) Know the type of surgery to be performed.

3) Review the surgical procedure step by step from beginning to end; referring to the most recent pediatric surgical textbook if needed.


When asked what steps were most effective for him during his time as a surgeon? He answered that he always kept his operating room quiet, no loud music and no talking about personal matters. To prepare for the surgery, he always got a good night’s sleep and ate a good breakfast.


The most profound advice he has for others is if a poor Palestinian could become a successful pediatric surgeon in the U.S., anyone can with hard work and perseverance. Learn more:


The Growing Number of Clinical Depression and the Expert Services of TMS Health Solutions

Depression and mental health are two highly discussed terms in psychology that define the relationships, social life, success in life, and more. The complex mental conditions are found to be highly painful and need immediate care and treatment. While coming to depression, a significant percentage of people develop it at various stage of their lives, and proper treatment solutions will bring them back to normal life. But, choosing the right psychiatric clinics are most important in ensuring the efficient results through accurate treatment procedures. This is where TMS Health Solutions in California make a difference through its proven and most-modern treatment options.

What makes the TMS Health different from other clinics in clinical depression treatments? It conducts extensive research and improves its treatment standards through continued education. Highly-expert staff with specific knowledge on treating complex conditions is another important factor that makes the clinic network the primary choice for the people of California. It has seven clinics in the State that are located in Burlingame, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Oakland, Sacramento, and San Francisco. The clinic network has developed unique treatment solutions including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, also known as TMS, to cure the patients struggling with Treatment-Resistant Depression – the most important TMS therapy El Dorado Hills clinic.

While coming to TRD, it is a condition which the patients do not show progress with normal medication, and hence, they need alternative options of treatments. This is where TMS treatment comes into the picture, and the clinic network is credited as the premier treatment provider in the area. The TMS therapy El Dorado Hills clinic data shows that a sizable number of patients get relief with a combination of both TMS and medication. The professionals of the clinic network closely work with patients to offer the right mix of treatment solution to relieve them from the severe condition.

The most important aspect of TMS treatment is none other than proven and permanent results. The official website of the clinic network offers self-assessment on depression where people can check their severity of the condition and seek the attention of the clinic network if required. In order to offer most convenient treatment experience, TMS accepts all the major insurance carriers including Anthem Blue Cross, Managed Health Network, Cigna, Magellan, Blue Shield of California, Aetna, United Health Care, TriCare, Beacon Health Options, Value Options, and more. Though the provider is specialized in TRD, it also takes care of other areas of clinical depression.

What is yet to be unveiled about Tony Petrello and his Philanthropic Acts

Often, career experts insist that the career is a journey that calls for only those talented to experience its fruits. In other words, just a few individuals are lucky enough to achieve their career success. Anthony Petrello is among the few but talented CEOs whose career paths define what real career success is all about. Today, the capable CEO is celebrated for his outward contribution to Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries is a well-known company in the drilling industry. However, Tony Petrello’s involvement with the group is extra unique. The top CEO has dedicated his fruitful career towards the success of Nabors Industries, an undertaking that many would view as complicated. However, for Tony, defining the company’s objective is an undertaking that he enjoys pursuing on a daily basis.

Today, Nabors Industries is reckoned as one of the most massive and safest drilling oilrigs across the universe. As many would insist, Tony Petrello is the mind behind the excellent ranking. Although much is known about Tony and his successful career, little is told about his philanthropic acts. To the people of Texas, Tony is more of an angel as his acts of kindness go beyond the ordinary.

Anthony Petrello is among the few CEOs who understand the need to give back to his society. For instance, Tony and his wife gave out $5 million to the Neurological Research Institute based in their hometown. As many would say, the donation came at a time when it was highly needed. Surprisingly, the happy couple promised to top up the $5 million with $2 million in the journey to improve the neurological treatment.

About Tony Petrello
Many platforms say that if you go looking for the meaning of success in the dictionary, you will come across the name Tony Petrello in between the explanation. His career portfolio speaks out loud than one may expect. Before joining Nabors Industries, Tony used to offer his top-notch skills to Baker & McKenzie law firm where he served as managing partner.

For those who have had the chance of working closely with Tony, he is more of a partner than a boss. His skills to come up with smart strategies have seen him leave a legacy on every opportunity he is given to serve. Tony schooled at the Yale University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree before acquiring a master in mathematics. Later on, the successful CEO joined the Harvard University to pursue his dream in law. Tony is a devoted family guy and whenever he is away from office staff he enjoys spending time with his blessed family.

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Move order Export order Your Version Proofreading Submission Neurocore as the Brain Performing Centers with Patient’s Best Interest at Heart

Many individuals around the world suffer from different diseases and conditions. Others are lucky enough to get help while others are not. What is saddening is that, when such people do not get the care they need or rather are not shown love, they deteriorate at lightning speed and may end up losing their lives. Considering the vast speed at which technology is conquering the world, Neurocore has embraced it. It is a center of brain performance has invested tremendous efforts to help people with various conditions like depression, stress, ADHD, autism, among others.
When someone is not affecting by conditions like the ones mentioned above, they don’t take them seriously until it knocks on their doors. In Neurocore, the brain is the guide. With the help of qEEG technology, the source of the symptoms a patient has is identified. Having that information makes it a whole lot easier to come up with a program suitable to overcome the challenge. One might be surprised with how powerful the brain is because it is the one that makes people even feel depressed. It is because the brain responds to what has been channeled to it. It is a fact not known by many people that be it autism or depression; the brain always has the answers.
With Neurocore, 45 minutes and a 30 –session program is conducted. Here, one watches a movie when their brain is at a speed of therapy, and this is made possible by neuro and biofeedback, which response well because the brain has subject to change. With time, the brain stops lancing out of range. Therefore, brain functionality improves.
Neurocore has various centers with specialists and brain coaches. There are seven centers in Lower Michigan and two in southern Florida. These centers do not lock out anyone as long as they feel they need help. The doors of Neurocore are wide open. It is not hard to get assistance from them, if one is not near the locations mentioned, at their website, click on schedule assessment and fill the information provided. It is as simple as that. For more encouragement and one to see that they are not alone in their journey, one can have a look at people’s testimonials and know that whatever they are going through, a solution is there.

Investment Advisory on Wealth Management and Retirement Income Planning

Investment Advisory is a service that is focused on providing investment solutions to institutions, private investors, foundations, and other equity trust companies such as banks. One such Registered Investment advisory company is Wealth solutions, which was founded by Richard Blair. Richard grew up passionate about the education world. He witnessed how knowledge and teaching can boost someone’s confidence through his Wife, mother, and Grandmother, who were all teachers.

Immediately after Richard graduated from college, he realized that through his combination of teaching and his natural passion in finance, he could assist people by teaching them on financial planning and investing. In 1993, He ventured into the financial service industry. In 1994, he founded his own investment advisory company by the name Wealth Solutions, with an objective to bring a positive impact in the lives of families, individuals, and small entrepreneurs. His aim was to provide effective solutions and advice to his clients, regardless of the size of investment or businesses they lead.

Wealth Solutions has earned its clients’ trust over the years, through its experience in specialization in assisting clients to plan for, and go through a successful retirement by providing strategies and helping to avoid common mistakes. Richard believes in a future where everyone should have a financial plan that will help them through their retirement years. His own vision is to guide his clients through the financial planning through his unique three pillars approach program he launched, to help his community members, regardless of their current financial position. The first Pillar is designed to identify a client’s growth potential, risk tolerance, and Strengths. This helps him understand the client’s goals and with that, he is able to evaluate future expectations.

The second pillar is designed to set long-term investment programs that are customized to suit the individual client’s financial strengths and goals. He then uses this program to track the client’s performance, maximizing on positive opportunities, and minimizing the impact on negative periods. The third Pillar is designed to curb negative impact through insurance coverage. The insurance needs are again customized to the client’s financial abilities, considering the program set to provide growth in their respective investments. Richard covers the long-term financial plan to cater for the unexpected turn of events such as death, through life assurance and annuities.

Investment Advisory services are offered to wealthy individuals, business owners, and families. The companies provide investment portfolio, diversified to suit each client’s unique financial abilities and goals.

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Spark Tank Initiative with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is based in Dallas, Texas. He is a successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and a philanthropist. He is among the self-tailored businesspersons in the US who have succeeded. He has various portfolios in Texas, which he operates. Marc heads the Timber Greek Capital as the President.

Marc Sparks, as a renowned investor, has successfully started and operated several businesses. He predominately involves himself in the telecommunication sector apart from making investments. Marc also has several real estate properties among other enterprises.

The recent innovation and newest endeavor of Marc Sparks is the Spark Tank initiative. According to Marc, the primary aim of the program is to offer entrepreneurs a learning opportunity and empower them so that they can be able to attain their goals and succeed in life. Interested entrepreneurs will forward their applications, and their selection will be in line with the set standards and rules of the initiative.

The program is commonly known as the Spark Tank innovation challenge. Marc’s initiative entails the selected entrepreneurs going through rounds of evaluations to enhance their creativity. With their creativity, they can then be able to make viable live presentations to prospective investors. The program will lead to the success of entrepreneurs who can lure in potential investors.

Marc Sparks firmly believes in giving back to the community. He is enthusiastic about philanthropy and the well-being of humankind. Since assuming the presidency of Timber Greek Capital, he has been involved in various philanthropic activities in Dallas, where he has built homes and provided shelter to the less fortunate in the Dallas community.

His belief and strong determination gives him the necessary motivation to keep going.
Sparks also provides financial support to the American magnet program, which has been operating for more than eight years. The program aims at fostering a sustainable learning environment. He is also substantially involved in literature and arts. Marc is currently on a mission to motivate other people by showing and leading the way.

He is bringing his journals together to form a book. His intentions are to inspire others from not only his success story but also most importantly by showing them how to overcome the obstacles and barriers on the way to success. His book will prove to everyone that regardless of their status, anyone can succeed. Through his story, Marc wants to inspire others not to give up.

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