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Many individuals around the world suffer from different diseases and conditions. Others are lucky enough to get help while others are not. What is saddening is that, when such people do not get the care they need or rather are not shown love, they deteriorate at lightning speed and may end up losing their lives. Considering the vast speed at which technology is conquering the world, Neurocore has embraced it. It is a center of brain performance has invested tremendous efforts to help people with various conditions like depression, stress, ADHD, autism, among others.
When someone is not affecting by conditions like the ones mentioned above, they don’t take them seriously until it knocks on their doors. In Neurocore, the brain is the guide. With the help of qEEG technology, the source of the symptoms a patient has is identified. Having that information makes it a whole lot easier to come up with a program suitable to overcome the challenge. One might be surprised with how powerful the brain is because it is the one that makes people even feel depressed. It is because the brain responds to what has been channeled to it. It is a fact not known by many people that be it autism or depression; the brain always has the answers.
With Neurocore, 45 minutes and a 30 –session program is conducted. Here, one watches a movie when their brain is at a speed of therapy, and this is made possible by neuro and biofeedback, which response well because the brain has subject to change. With time, the brain stops lancing out of range. Therefore, brain functionality improves.
Neurocore has various centers with specialists and brain coaches. There are seven centers in Lower Michigan and two in southern Florida. These centers do not lock out anyone as long as they feel they need help. The doors of Neurocore are wide open. It is not hard to get assistance from them, if one is not near the locations mentioned, at their website, click on schedule assessment and fill the information provided. It is as simple as that. For more encouragement and one to see that they are not alone in their journey, one can have a look at people’s testimonials and know that whatever they are going through, a solution is there.

Designing Opulent Spaces With Richard Mishaan Design

The need for impressive design has been seen in the world’s top hotels for a number of years as hotels from Miami’s South Beach to the Hotel Tcherassi in Colombia have looked to Richard MIshaan Design for a design for their most expensive rooms and suites. Richard MIshaan Design has built a reputation for designing the most impressive and opulent rooms in the world for both commercial and residential clients without every becoming stale in the design choices being made on a regular basis.

Richard Mishaan Design has built its reputation on combining a range of different styles and pieces of furniture from different eras and styles brought together to blend into an overall design for the future. Inspired by the beauty surrounding them in everyday objects the team at Richard Mishaan Design has built a powerful history of success based on the juxtaposition of pieces from different eras of design coming together to create a timeless feeling of style built on the idea different pieces of various styles can work together regardless of age, price, or size.

In the use of modern furniture and classic pieces, Richard Mishaan Design has built an opulent style created in a style seen as timeless for the majority of people looking for a sense of luxury in their life.Opulence is a keyword for Richard Mishaan Design in the 21st-century artworks created through interior design and architecture known as masterpieces for many design bibles, including “Elle Decor”. Layers of design are evident throughout the work of Richard Mishaan Design featuring classic and modern pieces combined to develop an overall design style that can be explored by residential and commercial clients seeking the most impressive styles available in the world from one of the world’s leading designers.

Richard Mishaan Design: An Inspired Design Company

Richard Mishaan Design has been making waves in New York City’s elite design community for decades now. Leading the way, of course, is Richard Mishaan himself. Born in Colombia but raised as something of a global citizen, with time spent in Italy and America, Richard Mishaan has gotten critical acclaim for his unique take on the design world — and no wonder. Known as the kind of designer unafraid to mix and match, Mishaan’s work has been taken to another level due to his fearlessness. Let’s take a closer look at the company and what they’ve been able to do over the years.

Based out of New York, Richard Mishaan Design has taken on something of a burden in terms of being one of the bigger innovators within the city. At Mishaan’s level, most designers are going to cater to their own ego and their bottom line. That isn’t the case at Richard Mishaan Design. Instead, Mishaan focuses on giving his clients something special and uniquely theirs, never getting in the way of a project in order to leave his own calling card on the home. You never walk into a Richard Mishaan Design room and think, “Wow, Richard did a great job!” Instead you merely see the room as an extension of whoever the client is.

Richard Mishaan Design is a unique company for a great many reasons. They are considered upscale, luxury designers but Mishaan himself never worries about the price point — a luxury when his clients trust him so completely. Instead, Mishaan focuses on putting together rooms that tell an interesting story. He isn’t afraid to mix and match textures, eras, or styles and he’s never afraid of throwing a statement piece in the center of the room irrespective of its exact fit. This has made the team at Mishaan’s company successful in every way.


Omar Yunes and his Innovations with his Franchise that helped him to Grab BFW 2015 Award

Omar Yunes, a leading entrepreneur from Mexico, won the prestigious Best Franchise of the World competition held on December 5, 2015. The event took place in Florence, Italy, and the award committee confirmed that Omar Yunes and his Sushi Itto franchise have played a major role in shaping the brand it represents through meaningful contributions. “I am excited with the feat, but I can confirm that I am a representative of the contributions of 400 employees. Additionally, the brand, Sushi Itto, helped significantly for this feat by giving enough room for innovations,” Yunes confirmed after being selected for the Award. It is confirmed that the event was attended various franchises from 34 countries that include Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, France, Brazil, and more.

Interestingly, the BFW competition did not consider brand as a parameter for the Award. Instead, it filtered franchises with a number of parameters such as the influence of the franchise in the brand network, knowledge added to the brand, total savings proposed to the network, the motivation of employees, improvements suggested to the model. The Award committee confirmed that the recognition is given to Yunus’ franchise as it redefined franchising-franchise relationship through a number of factors. It included better management of information, proper implementation of control boards, accurate measurements in each unit, and more. Mexican dining and hospitality industry considered the Award as a recognition to the industry and hoped it would give a special place for the Mexican franchises in the international level.

Omar Yunes started his entrepreneurial journey at his young age, immediately after completing his education. He opened the first unit of his Sushi Itto franchise at the age of 21. In the later years, Yunes spent his time and efforts to expand the business by giving world-class dining experience. The franchise opened more units in the later years, and currently, it stands at 13 in numbers. Interestingly, his units are covering all the major cities of Mexico, and the number of units of his franchise comes almost 10% of all the Sushi Itto units. The franchise contested in the BFW world competition after winning BFW Mexico division in November 2015.

How Fabletics Is Winning Over Millennial Consumers

If you were to listen to the conventional wisdom of the business press it would appear as though Millennial consumers are the demise of virtually every industry. American consumers who were born in the 1980s and the early 1990s have been blamed for everything from threatening the automobile industry and housing market because of their penchant for using ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft and for living with their parents and using services like Airbnb. Recently a fashion magazine blamed them for killing the retail company J. Crew while another publication laid the blame for disappointing sales of diamonds on the shoulders of millennial consumers. Some journalists have even bemoaned the fact that millennials don’t seem to be purchasing fabric softener at the same rates their parents did. However where some commentators and business leaders see a threat companies like the digital retailer Fabletics see an opportunity.


Fabletics is an online retailer that focuses on designing and selling distinctive athleisure wear. While the definition of athleisure might seem to be a bit elusive according to the business publication Business Insider athleisure wear is defined as a “hybrid of business casual” and fitness apparel. Though the combination might seem to be a strange at first the combination of clothes that look nice and that are also incredibly comfortable to wear makes a lot of sense. Athleisure is incredibly functional and seems to be speaking to the demands that more American consumers, particularly millennials, are making on their wardrobes. While fashion retailers often used luxury and exclusivity as a way to draw new customers into their stores Millennial consumers appear to prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than luxury objects. Athleisure wear is about lifestyle and clothing being incorporated into the healthy and active lifestyle that the consumer wants to experience.


One of the reasons that Fabletics is winning big with younger consumers is that it understands how the digital retail environment that they are accustomed to works. These days referrals about products can come from your best friend and they can also come from a fashion blogger that you have been following for years or a well-written insightful review left by a stranger online. According to a study customers spend more time online searching online reviews than they do looking up prices which suggests that a product review might influence their decision to make a purchase much more than how much an item will set them back financially. All of this is connected to something called the power of the crowd where consumers are no longer passive recipients of companies’ messages but actively shaping the way that their products are perceived. Rather than fighting the power of the crowd Fabletics embraces it. It spends times pouring over reviews that its customers leave on sites like Trustpilot, leaving replies and using the feedback that is left there to make its products better.


Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson has a recipe for Fabletics’ success. It includes not being afraid to get involved the nitty gritty details of running an online business, designing creative marketing strategies, being proactive about taking advantage of business opportunities that no one else is seeing in the marketplace and by paying attention what the data is saying.

Customers Having Impact on Company’s Online Reputation

Recently, an article was posted at stating that customer can have a big impact on a company’s reputation. The author of this post stated that reviews can make or break a company’s reputation.

Overall, I disagree with this statement. A few bad reviews are not going to deter customers from purchasing a product or service from your company. Especially if they have done business with your company before and were happy with what they received. For example, imagine getting online and finding a pair of shoes you love. Someone says that the color was bad, and the material did not hold up well. Sure, this may be something you take into consideration when buying those pair of shoes. However, is this one review going to deter you from buying those shoes you love? Of course not.

Though, I can see where the author was coming from when he made his statement. If there are multiple reviews all complaining about the same thing, that might be something that would deter me from buying the product. With that being said, any positive reviews would make just as great of an impact on my decision in purchasing.

The thing people need to remember is that the author is talking about the company’s reputation being impacted. I believe this accusation is false. Just because people read a few bad reviews does not mean that everyone is going to stop buying what the company is selling them. Not only that, but not everyone takes the time to read reviews. A lot of people see something they like and purchase it immediately.

As long as people review products honestly, and the company creates high-quality items, no problems should arise. I do not believe reviews strongly impact a company’s reputation.


Thor Halvorssen: Human Rights Warrior

Thor Halvorssen may have been raised within the Venezuelan elite but he comes from a long line of human rights warriors. His grandfather Oystein, the Norwegian monarchy’s consul in Venezuela, stood off a Nazi invasion during World War II using the Norwegian merchant fleet and his own two fists. Thor’s father was imprisoned and tortured after uncovering government corruption during his time as Venezuela’s drug czar. Thor’s mother, a descendant of the first president of Venezuela, was shot at an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration and Thor’s cousin is a political prisoner in a Venezuelan jail. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Thor’s clan has made activism in the fight for human rights and against dictatorships the family business. However, it is 40-year-old Thor who has taken the family business global. Born in the Gen Y/Millennial cusp, Thor’s world view is influenced by the greater connectivity that internet communication has provided to recent generations. Halvorssen’s global stance against human rights violations appeals to millennials who view dictatorships a half a world away as a more imminent threat than older, less connected generations have.

In 2005, Thor Halvorssen launched the Human Rights Foundation whose mission is “to ensure that freedom is both preserved and promoted around the world.” HRF initiatives include campaigning for the release of political prisoners; educating information-starved societies; providing seminars on human rights; producing films, videos, and scholarly analyses; and releasing high-impact media campaigns – all with the goal of raising awareness and building support for individual rights across the globe. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The HRF has hosted the Oslo Freedom Forum in Oslo, Norway and in college campuses throughout the U.S. via satellite annually since 2009. At the Oslo Freedom Forum, guest speakers give talks on human rights issues around the world. Participants have included prisoners of conscience, heads of state, Nobel Prize winners, and other public figures.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen can most often be found with his feet on the ground fighting against the human rights violations that keep him up at night. Most recently, he has been working to get information to the closed society of North Korea led by totalitarian dictator Kim Jong Un.

Utilizing the HRF’s program, Flash Drives for Freedom, Thor Halvorssen collects donated flash drives and purchases retail flash drives to supply to North Korean defectors in South Korea. These flash drives are loaded with films, books, and internet content that is used to send “information, culture, truth, and knowledge” back to the “families, friends, and neighbors” of North Korean defectors.

Devco Wants To Build Newer And Stronger Developments In New Jersey

The Press of Atlantic City has written some very interesting reports about how cities in New Jersey are going to do a lot of the work that is needed to build something that is fresh and new. The fresh and new developments that are used for the cities in New Jersey are only built when Devco can offer a loan. The loan that is offered by Devco will be millions of dollars, and it will be much easier to create something a city can be proud of.

The cities that are trying to find something to be proud of have to make sure that they can get a loan from DEVCO, and they also have to be sure that they can get enough money to build something that will attract others. There will be many other businesses who turn up looking for a way to get in on what is going on, and they will create every more jobs. The extra jobs that are created by these new building projects will show the whole project getting bigger than anyone thought. It will be a boon for the people who live there, and it will help them find a much better quality of life.

The people who live in these areas have to be sure that they have found a place to live that will be supported by the jobs that they get when they have new buildings move into the area. Everyone in the family can get the best job possible, and the people in the community will no longer have to fight against poverty and a lack of commerce. Commerce comes to the area in just a few months because all the other businesses will open at once, and all the people who visit the area will have something new to visit.

Don’t Get Turned Away From The Fun, Get Your Magnises Card Now!

If you’ve ever had a designated club night where you and your friends stand in line for hours and never get into the club, this can be one of the most frustrating things, especially when it’s one of your only free nights on Facebook. It’s just as bad if you opt to get a reservation in a restaurant but are turned away for any reason. Having fun in cities like New York can be a great thing, but it can be quite difficult to get into the venues that are the most fun if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Some people must have someone that they know on the inside to get them into restaurants, concerts, nightclubs and more, but there is another way to get in on the action without having to know someone who’s behind the scenes. The Magnises card was created for those who are young and want to have fun but may not know all the right people that can get them in on the fun they are looking to have. Let’s be honest, there is always someone who can get you backstage or into that great restaurant or at a nice table in a hot club.

Since not everyone knows a person who can help them to get exclusive access to the best fun that New York City has to offer, the Magnises card is your key. Once you obtain the Magnises card, you’ll see how much more different having fun will be in New York as well as other cities. If you once had a hard time getting into a club, then the Magnises card can get you the club passes you need to make sure you will get into that club on the night of your choosing. Getting restaurant reservations is no longer difficult with the Magnises card.

Theater reservations for a great show can also be at your fingertips. Who wouldn’t want a nice table as well as discounted bottle service or even free bottles because they are using the Magnises card? The benefits are piled on top of one another when the Magnises card is used, which is why it has become so popular among those who love to party in NYC. Anyone can go to an event that they hear about online or an advertised event around town, but those who attend the event using their Magnises card can get better access and benefits.

Why stand in line in some places when it’s possible to go to the front of the line because you have your Magnises card? Also, hotel stays can be a lot cheaper if you want to save money, and you’ll get access to great hotels for discounted prices on if you have the Magnises card. All you need to do is sign up for membership for the Magnises card, and once you pay your membership fee, your card will be given to you and will be personalized for your use only. Enjoy using your Magnises card today.

The Protection Plan that the SEC has created for Its Informants.

The Securities and Exchange Commission currently has a program that is dedicated to offering protection to individuals who volunteer to provide it with information about any fraudulent undertaking of any company in the financial sector. The plan was formed after the U.S Congress supported the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection in 2010. The two laws brought significant changes in the financial industry, and they were the first major ones to be passed since the Great Depression. The whistleblower protection program states that the informant is assured of job security and a significant financial incentive.

After the passing of the protection plan, various law firms emerged in the United States with a primary aim of offering protection to the SEC whistleblowers. The Labaton Sucharow law company was among the first to be created, and it has been providing outstanding plaintiff representation to its clients. The whistleblower representation plan of the company has developed over time, and it currently has a competent structure for filling litigations. The firm has employed well-trained staff, and they include financial auditors, forensic analysts, and an in-house team of investigators. All these employees are well informed on the implementation of state and federal security law, and therefore, they can offer the best services.

The whistleblower representation plan of the Labaton Sucharow law company is managed by Jordan A. Thomas. He is well informed about the securities law since he is a former employee of the SEC. Mr. Thomas served the commission as an assistant director and the deputy principal litigation counsel of the firm’s Department of Enactment. The industry recognizes him for being one of the primary participants in the formation and implementation of the whistleblower protection program.

The rules of the whistleblower protection program demand that the Securities and Exchange Commission should offer at least 10 to 30 percent of the fines that it gets from the law breakers. The Doff-Frank Act safeguards the rights of the whistleblower by making it illegal for any employer to harass or fire the informant. The SEC advises the whistleblowers to ensure that they do not disclose their identity when reporting cases. They also allow attorneys to represent them so that their identity cannot be released. The Commission does not charge any consultation fees, and anyone can access it to offer information. Translators are given for free to assist foreigners who do not understand English. The SEC assures the informants that the information that they provide is protected by client-attorney privilege.