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The Protection Plan that the SEC has created for Its Informants.

The Securities and Exchange Commission currently has a program that is dedicated to offering protection to individuals who volunteer to provide it with information about any fraudulent undertaking of any company in the financial sector. The plan was formed after the U.S Congress supported the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection in 2010. The two laws brought significant changes in the financial industry, and they were the first major ones to be passed since the Great Depression. The whistleblower protection program states that the informant is assured of job security and a significant financial incentive.

After the passing of the protection plan, various law firms emerged in the United States with a primary aim of offering protection to the SEC whistleblowers. The Labaton Sucharow law company was among the first to be created, and it has been providing outstanding plaintiff representation to its clients. The whistleblower representation plan of the company has developed over time, and it currently has a competent structure for filling litigations. The firm has employed well-trained staff, and they include financial auditors, forensic analysts, and an in-house team of investigators. All these employees are well informed on the implementation of state and federal security law, and therefore, they can offer the best services.

The whistleblower representation plan of the Labaton Sucharow law company is managed by Jordan A. Thomas. He is well informed about the securities law since he is a former employee of the SEC. Mr. Thomas served the commission as an assistant director and the deputy principal litigation counsel of the firm’s Department of Enactment. The industry recognizes him for being one of the primary participants in the formation and implementation of the whistleblower protection program.

The rules of the whistleblower protection program demand that the Securities and Exchange Commission should offer at least 10 to 30 percent of the fines that it gets from the law breakers. The Doff-Frank Act safeguards the rights of the whistleblower by making it illegal for any employer to harass or fire the informant. The SEC advises the whistleblowers to ensure that they do not disclose their identity when reporting cases. They also allow attorneys to represent them so that their identity cannot be released. The Commission does not charge any consultation fees, and anyone can access it to offer information. Translators are given for free to assist foreigners who do not understand English. The SEC assures the informants that the information that they provide is protected by client-attorney privilege.

Chapped Lips Aren’t A Problem

When you have chafe, dry lips it can be embarrassing. They feel rough, they crack up, and often bleed while go about our day conducting the business we normally care about. An easy solution to this problem is to wear lip balm. Lip balm coats your lips in wax which covers up dry cracked lips. This allows your lips to heal leaving any evidence of their formerly chafe nature gone. Many lip balms brands are out there, but so many options some are bound to simply be better than others. That is exactly what Evolution of Smooth happens to be.

Made entirely from all natural ingredients, Evolution Of Smooth gives you exactly what your lips need to stay smooth and moisturized. You won’t find any harmful synthetic ingredients in EOS lip balm like you may see in other less socially conscious brands. The flavors of EOS lip balm make this brand really stand out among other brands. If you want mint flavored lip balm you can find just that. If you would rather try raspberry lip balm Evolution of Smooth has that as well. EOS lip balmas are available on Walmart outlets and online. There’s something available for just about everyone’s taste made with entirely natural ingredients you can trust.

Gold Coins Offer Security Against Brexit Uncertainty

The choice of British voters to leave the European Union in June left many investors, along with global markets, in a state of uncertainty. With the U.K. government taking its time negotiating its new relationship with Europe, individuals are looking for stability in their investments are beginning to turn to gold.


In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, the sterling bottomed out and sent investors searching for a way to guard against losses. Many of them found security in gold which has a tendency to hold and increase its value in times of great market volatility.


The increase was a surprise to many dealers. According to, there was an increase of 170 percent on the site in the immediate aftermath of the vote when compared to the previous year’s average activity. The increased activity has sent the price of gold soaring with Bloomberg noting an overnight increase of $100 as the results of the Brexit vote were confirmed by news outlets.


The Royal Mint, responsible for creating gold coins in the U.K., reported a 32 percent increase in sales for its gold bars and coins reported.


The drive to precious metals like gold was driven not only by the internal turmoil in Britain, but also by the fact that the Euro took a tumble as well. While the U.K. has never been a member of the Eurozone, it is a major trading partner with the rest of Europe. There is a two-year period before Brexit technically happens, but that time will be met with great anxiety as London will have to negotiate new trade deals with the individual countries of Europe. Without knowing how those new deals will shape up, the uncertainty could continue to cause significant volatility in the European and British markets.


Precious metals, especially gold, are seen as way of hedging against this volatility. The price of gold can fluctuate, but it tends to be more stable than other investment vehicles like stocks and is less prone to dramatic overnight reversals.


Until the negotiations are completed and Britain’s new relationship with Europe is solidified, gold will continue to give investors a sense of security that is absent in the domestic European markets.

Successful Woman in Business

Malini Saba of South-Asian origin is one of the influential and successful women in the world of business. Malini is popularly known internationally for her prowess in investing and philanthropy. She owns a company known as Saban. Saban firm retains a broad spectrum of investment interests internationally. These investment returns include real estate in India and Australia, gas and oil in China as well as technology firms located in the United States among others. Being a passionate philanthropist, Malini Saba participates in most philanthropic activities within the society. Saba has been recognized as a self-made success due to her great passion of assisting other women succeed just like her.

Her Achievements

In 2001, Malini established a non-profit organization called Stree: Global Investments in Women. This organization aims at transforming the way low-income earning women and at-risk children and women view their roles as well as themselves in the society as a whole. Stree: Global Investments in Women was inaugurated by Queen Noor of Jordan and former US President Bill Clinton which was a great privilege. This non-profit organization creates a platform for all women to easily access legal empowerment, forum for grassroots movements and healthcare in Central America, Africa, Eastern Europe and India among others

In June 2015, Saba made a big donation of $1 million to the first Heart Research Center in the world for south Asians. This contribution was aimed at kick starting the project in El Camino Hospital located in California. Being a woman dedicated to helping people, Malini made a tour to India and Sri Lanka in 2004 with an aim of visiting areas ravaged by Tsunami. She made a solemn promise of $ 10 million to help the tragedy victims within the island nations.

Her Early Life and Career

Malini Saba officially began her investment career in the 1990’s in Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist. With her commitment and unfailing efforts she managed to make investments in over 20 different technology firms including PayPal Inc., Sycamore Networks Inc.and Net screen Technologies among others. Saba spent much of her early life in Australia and at the age of 19 she relocated to the United States. She joined Stanford University Campus located in California and later on pursued her Masters in psychology from western Australian University in Perth. Malini took the initiative of working odd jobs provided around her college campus with an aim to supplement her income. It was during these times that Malini Saba’s passion for finance and investment took over.

Celebrate Individuality In Hair Products With Wen By Chaz

Throughout 2016 we have all been spotting the changing way the world has been looking at fashion, and celebrating the right of the individual to choose their own path in terms of their hair and fashion choices. Individuality has been seen on the catwalk with hair stylists choosing to let models go their own way and celebrate life through their hair choices, which also saw top hair stylists put away their many different forms of mousse, hair sprays, and dry textures in favor of the more natural look.

Maintaining a natural look to the hair means getting the highest quality products, but not having to spend hours creating a hair style that is strikingly different to the look an individual generally finds. WEN By Chaz from celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean this personally approved range includes a series of products that make it easy for an individual woman to look after her hair in a fraction of the time.

Chaz Dean has been looking for the best ways of helping women look after their hair in the best possible way without the prolonged period spent shampooing, conditioning, and using various treatments to get the desired look; the Wen By Chaz range allows a single product to be used that takes the woman through the process from shampoo to detangler and leave in conditioner for the simplest beauty option available. WEN is Sephora available  and can also be purchased online on Amazon.

The need for the simplest possible way of caring for the hair is something the beauty industry has recently been exploring with the arrival of express blow dry salons and other express services. A healthy, natural look is something that each and every individual woman is looking for as a greater level of speed and efficiency is required by most women in the 21st century in terms of their hair care routine. Visit for more info.


Fabletics: Style and Savings For The Whole Family

Recently, athletic wear has gone from the gym to being a fashion statement on Several designers jumped at the opportunity to create their own line of leisure outfits that can be worn for other occasions. The only problem was the high prices.

Enter actress Kate Hudson. As a fitness enthusiast, Hudson loved the idea of blending trendy exercise clothes with fashion statements. She had a problem with the pricey outfits, because she did not think they were affordable for everyone. So, she sat down at the drawing board and came up with a plan.

In 2013, Fabletics was born. Kate took the best features of athletic clothes and combined them with a look that can be worn just about anywhere. The good news is that all of Fabletics’ cool designs can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of most designer athletic wear.

One of the reasons Fabletics can keep their prices so low is their business model. Customers buy directly from the manufacturer instead of from a middleman. The company saves money by doing this and then passes savings on to the consumer. Customers can enjoy original designs by Hudson and her team.

It is easy to be a Fabletics customer, says Hudson. Consumers sign up for free membership to the Fabletics Club. Each month, they can select a lovely outfit at a great price. Members can choose the outfit or allow it to be auto-shipped. When members sign up for the VIP program, they can get clothing at even better prices. Everything is shipped right to the customers’ door, and membership can be cancelled at any time. Costumers are guaranteed to love their outfits, or they can get a full refund.

Hudson’s clothing line was so popular, that it expanded to include athletic wear for men and children. Fabletics has same durable fabrics come in styles for the whole family at a great price. The company has branched out all over the world and even includes six brick and mortar stores in America.

Kate Hudson succeeded in creating athletic wear, Fabletics that encourages the family to stay active, whether working out in the gym or playing with the children in their yards. Fabletics designs are durable with prices to fit just about any budget. The company membership creates a community of people who live by the Fabletics motto: “Live Your Passion”. When people wear these comfortable and fashionable clothing, they can have fun and look great.

Investment Advisory on Wealth Management and Retirement Income Planning

Investment Advisory is a service that is focused on providing investment solutions to institutions, private investors, foundations, and other equity trust companies such as banks. One such Registered Investment advisory company is Wealth solutions, which was founded by Richard Blair. Richard grew up passionate about the education world. He witnessed how knowledge and teaching can boost someone’s confidence through his Wife, mother, and Grandmother, who were all teachers.

Immediately after Richard graduated from college, he realized that through his combination of teaching and his natural passion in finance, he could assist people by teaching them on financial planning and investing. In 1993, He ventured into the financial service industry. In 1994, he founded his own investment advisory company by the name Wealth Solutions, with an objective to bring a positive impact in the lives of families, individuals, and small entrepreneurs. His aim was to provide effective solutions and advice to his clients, regardless of the size of investment or businesses they lead.

Wealth Solutions has earned its clients’ trust over the years, through its experience in specialization in assisting clients to plan for, and go through a successful retirement by providing strategies and helping to avoid common mistakes. Richard believes in a future where everyone should have a financial plan that will help them through their retirement years. His own vision is to guide his clients through the financial planning through his unique three pillars approach program he launched, to help his community members, regardless of their current financial position. The first Pillar is designed to identify a client’s growth potential, risk tolerance, and Strengths. This helps him understand the client’s goals and with that, he is able to evaluate future expectations.

The second pillar is designed to set long-term investment programs that are customized to suit the individual client’s financial strengths and goals. He then uses this program to track the client’s performance, maximizing on positive opportunities, and minimizing the impact on negative periods. The third Pillar is designed to curb negative impact through insurance coverage. The insurance needs are again customized to the client’s financial abilities, considering the program set to provide growth in their respective investments. Richard covers the long-term financial plan to cater for the unexpected turn of events such as death, through life assurance and annuities.

Investment Advisory services are offered to wealthy individuals, business owners, and families. The companies provide investment portfolio, diversified to suit each client’s unique financial abilities and goals.

Contact Wealth Solutions today!

Management of Reputation The Right Way

In order to manage reputation, it is important to know how far it can go. A lot of people do hold to the idea that review sites are what determines the reputation of someone’s business. Fortunately, there are ways to find out what is being said so that the appropriate actions can be taken in order to take care of any damages. There are also tools that one can use in order to keep track of the reputation. For one thing, there are monitoring tools that could keep track of every time a Brand Yourself is mentioned by a user.

Monitoring tools are very helpful when it comes to being proactive with online reputation management. This will definitely keep one from becoming blindsided by any attacks to the reputation of the business. Among the best types of monitoring tools are those that can present daily alerts about any mentions of a brand by another business. For one thing, the user also has control over how often they get alerts on their tools. For instance, each mention could have an email sent to the person that is mentioned. This will keep the user up to date on his brand reputation.

There are also ways that one could control user reviews. Among the things that one could do is have influence on the reviews that is written. For one thing, the people that are most likely to write user reviews are those that are dissatisfied with the service of the business. However, the business owner can encourage people that have shown satisfaction to write reviews about how satisfied they are. This will help bring in sales to the company. This will also influence people on whether or not they visit the store for their business. There are plenty of other methods that could be used for online reputation management.


Andy Wirth Now Heads Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation

Andy Wirth has been named the Chairman and President of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. Wirth took the office in January, and will help aid the group’s efforts to promote air service into the local airport, Reno-Tahoe International, as well as help identify potential new flights for the area.

The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation was originally put together to bring together various organization in the area so that they could work together to increase tourism in the area and maintain quality air service both in and out of the Reno-Tahoe Airport. The group has been around since 2001, and voted to incorporate as a Nevada nonprofit in 2014. It officially got that incorporation in February of 2015.

Mr. Wirth is the sole President and CEO of the business Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The company is the parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Resorts. In addition to his responsibilities as a CEO and President of that company he also works as the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees, also known as RASC. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

In a statement, Wirth said he was honored to be given his new position, and that he thinks that air service is and will continue to be an important part of building the economy in the area, something he intends to focus on in the new position.

While Andy Wirth is just now taking on the position as Chairman and President of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, he’s been working with the airport for quite some time.

Most recently, Andy Wirth was responsible to helping to establish air service between John F Kennedy Airport in New York City and the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, a route that is serviced by JetBlue. he also played a role in bringing service to the airport from John Wayne Airport on Alaska Airlines, in addition to many other contributions.

In addition to the election of Andy Wirth, the group also elected Kimberlee Tolkien as the Vice Chair and Secretary, and Andy Chapman as the group’s Treasurer. members of the group have expressed excitement over all of the appointments, and a confidence that the new team will help the are thrive in the future.

Emily McClure Examines In-Depth Wen by Chaz

Wen hair by Chaz has recently released a new hair care product that promises to do almost all things necessary for women to maintain, style, condition and even keep their hair healthy. Products manufactured by Wen by Chaz Dean have long been held in high regard by hair care professional, but one intrepid blogger wanted to find out for herself and her blogger friends. Emily McClure began the challenge on a bad hair day, just returning from a trip she posed for a bad hair photograph which displayed her thin, damaged, unruly hair for all the blogosphere to see. Her article in Bustle showed photos accompanying the full seven days of testing of the product and an in-depth opinion of the results.

Whenever a product claims to do almost miraculous things especially to women’s hair, people sit up and take notice, and McClure’s week-long work was appreciated and examined. This new form of individual testing of product claims has become a true test of worthiness. Consumers have become inured to what manufacturers claim in advertisements. But a person like McClure has the confidence of her readers as they wait for her decision to be handed down after the full and thorough week-long test.
She has personally displayed the daily results for everyone to examine. There was not a single holiday for Ms. McClure. Every day was a work day, and her chronicle proved it. Wen hair products are available online, either on or on

For the complete results of her seven day test in Bustle: Your text to link…

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